Meals On Wheels FAQs

How Do You Apply for TRUST Meals-on-Wheels?

Call the TRUST Meals-on-Wheels office, 612-822-6040, to see if you qualify.

There is no restriction based on religion, race, color, creed, national origin, sex, or income.

What Are The Meals Like?

The meals are hot, tasty, and well balanced. Each meal provides one third of the minimum daily nutrition requirement, including bread and milk. Special diets prescribed by your doctor are available at no added costs.

How Are Meals Delivered?

Volunteer drivers pick them up at Redeemer Residence or Walker Methodist Health Care Center and bring them to you in insulated containers. You will probably have a different driver every day of the week.

Meals are delivered between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM (Noon) Monday through Friday, even on holidays.

It is important to be careful how you handle the meal you receive each day. it should be eaten within one hour after you receive it; otherwise, refrigerate it immediately. This is important to prevent illness caused by the growth of bacteria in the food. For this reason, it is TRUST’s policy not to leave a meal by the door unless previous arrangements have been made. Someone must be there to take to the meal and refrigerate it if it is not eaten immediately. This policy is for the protection of our Meals-on-Wheels customers. The meals are hot, tasty, and well balanced.

What is the Service Area?

If you are unsure if your home is within the delivery area, outlined below please call the Meals-on-Wheels office at 612-822-6040. If you live outside of our service area the office will help direct you to the Meals-on-Wheels office that serves your area.

Meals On Wheels Service Area

How Much Does it Cost?

The full cost of each meal is $6.40. You are asked to contribute toward the cost of your meals, and subsidy funds may be available if needed. Statements are delivered at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s meals. EBS may be used.

What if I need to cancel a meal?

To cancel a day’s meal, it is important to call the Meals office, 612-822-6040, before 10:00 AM of the day of delivery. Be sure to do this so you will not have to pay for that meal.

What about Emergencies?

All new customers will receive a personal questionnaire soon after the Meals-on-Wheels service begins, with a review of information requested yearly.

If there is a change in who we should contact in case of an emergency, please let us know at once so that our records are accurate.

In case of an emergency the volunteer driver will contact the Meals-on-Wheels coordinator and the appropriate personal and professional services will be requested for the client.

How can I volunteer?

TRUST Meals-on-Wheels can continue to serve the needs of the community only as long as volunteers are willing to help. Volunteers are needed to deliver meals, to ride along with drivers, and to serve on the Meals advisory committee. Deliveries are 11:00 to noon, weekdays.

To inquire about volunteering, please call TRUST Meals-on-Wheels at 612-822-6040.