Parish Nursing

The Parish Nurse program works with individuals to bring together spiritual, emotional, and physical health to achieve wellness and manage illness through holistic care.  It combines nursing and ministry.  There is no dispensing of medications, dressing changes, or invasive procedures done.  However, the parish Nurse can assist in finding the services needed.

Here are some of the activities done by the parish nurse throughout the year:

  • Home visits
  • Phone check-ins on elderly and ill
  • Educational presentations to TRUST congregations, service providers, and volunteers
  • Consultations with clergy of TRUST congregations.
  • Serve on TRUST congregations’ community care committees and health cabinets
  • Coordinate congregational flu shot clinics
  • Monthly TRUST Communicator column
  • Provide consultation to other TRUST programs (Chore and Meals on Wheels)
  • Provide resources as needed for home services, adult daycare, assisted living, transportation, grocery delivery, and mental health services
  • Work with the community, hospitals and social workers to provide assistance for those in need
  • Recruit and provide monthly training for parish nurse volunteers
  • Assist churches interested in developing a parish nurse program
  • Blood pressure screenings
  • Want to volunteer?

If you have a medical background, would like to connect your expertise with your faith and can give 2-3 hours a month to someone in need,  please call Ann Dunagan, TRUST Parish Nurse Program at 612-822-2394 to see how your talents can be used.