Vote for Shari – Your TRUST Meals on Wheels Volunteer of the Year Nominee

 The American Volunteer Contest is hosted by the Meals on Wheels Association of America (MOWAA). Metro Meals on Wheels submitted Volunteer Shari, from Xcel Energy, who has been delivering meals for over 23 years. Even today Shari, continues to go above and beyond by coordinating her Workplace Meals on Wheels Delivery Team! Shari delivers meals for TRUST Meals on Wheels in Minneapolis. 

We need your help to ensure Shari is named the American Volunteer 2011.  The winner of the American Volunteer Contest will win MOWAA’s annual Jody Tepedino Nicholo Award and the nominating MOW program will be presented with a check for $1,000 at the MOWAA Conference in Chicago. Second place will be presented with a check for $750 and third place will be presented with a check for $500.

Please take a moment to go online and vote via the Facebook contest at This link will take you directly to Shari’s video. You will be asked to sign in to Facebook in order to vote.

Thanks for your support by voting for Shari and sharing this with your friends and family. There are just a few days left to vote. The contest ends August 26th!

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