TRUST Inc. is a nonprofit coalition of Minneapolis congregations that has served the needs of seniors, families and youth of Minneapolis since 1970. Initially consisting of eight congregations, TRUST now has a membership of 20, representing nine different denominations. The original mission of TRUST was for the congregations to join in a common effort of service to others, with that service being open to all and transcending historical denominational differences. They created a consortium of congregations to provide human services in the community, doing together what no individual congregation could do alone and providing these services across racial and economic lines and physical barriers.
The partner congregations of TRUST have a proven record of working together to meet the needs of the community. Volunteer recruitment from the coalition’s members and the community and disbursement of those volunteers to meet community needs are TRUST’s strengths.


TRUST Mission Statement:  “As people and communities of faith, we share a common conviction that we are responsible agents for God’s ongoing creative processes.  In cooperative efforts, through TRUST, we seek a more effective extension of our ministries to meet the needs of our neighbors and to bring about a greater bond of community among people.”


  • To identify the needs of people in our congregations and community and, with human, financial and spiritual resources, design, pilot and operate, where feasible, programs to respond to those needs.
  • To provide opportunities for congregations and community members to be involved in constructive community action and service.
  • To help develop leadership in our congregations and to help strengthen programs of member congregations.
  • To provide meaningful avenues of communication, sharing and celebration among memberships of our congregations and people living in our community.

TRUST, Inc. is  a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. To see our profile on Guidestar please follow this link: