Chore FAQ

How Does it Work?

  1. The customer phones TRUST’s Chore Program at 612-827-6150 and explains what work needs to be done. A Chore Program staff person or volunteer fills out a work request.
  2. The Chore Program staff contacts the most suitable worker in the skills bank and assigns the work to him/her.
  3. The worker calls the customer to arrange a convenient time to do the work.
  4. The worker does the work.
  5. The worker fills out a daily online time sheet of how many hours were worked.
  6. A Chore Program staff person or volunteer will attempt to phone all clients served through the project to be sure the work was done satisfactorily.
  7. For ongoing jobs like lawn mowing and snow shoveling, the customer is assigned a worker for the entire season. The customer and worker can then work out directly how often the work will be done and other details.
  8. Customers are billed monthly for work performed via an invoice.  Payments can be made via check by mail or credit card through the TRUST Inc office.

How Much Does It Cost?

Chore Program customers are asked to contribute the going fee of $25, however, a sliding fee scale might be put into use if the customer feels they cannot afford the full amount for these services. A suggested contribution scale takes into account  the customer’s financial resources, the type of work to be done and the availability of subsidy money.

Please Note:

If a job takes less than 1 hour, the worker still needs to be paid for a full hour of work; time accumulated after 1 hour is counted up to the nearest quarter of an hour.

When a volunteer does the work, customers are asked only to make a contribution to TRUST to help cover administrative costs.

Chore Program workers do not receive mileage or any other benefits.

How Do I Get Service?

Simply call TRUST at 612-827-6159 Monday through Thursday between 9:00-2:00 9.m. It might take a few workdays to contact and assign a worker, so please call in advance.

Who Does the Work?

The volunteer and paid workers listed in the skills bank include retired people, students, and other neighborhood residents. All have completed applications, had references checked, and been interviewed by the Chore Program staff before being listed and assigned tasks. They are independent contractors and are not employed directly by TRUST.

Who Provides Equipment?

Workers generally bring their own tools for the job, but paint, cleaners, vacuum and other supplies to be used are provided by the customer. The worker might be able to make the purchase for the customer if he or she cannot get out to do so.

What is the service area?

The boundaries of TRUST’s Chore Program service area are France Avenue on the West, the Mississippi River on the East, Franklin Ave on the North, and Highway 62 Crosstown on the South.

What Skills Are Available?

If TRUST’s Chore Program workers cannot provide the assistance you need, the office staff will try to refer you to someone who can.

  • Seasonal Chores
    • lawn mowing
    • raking
    • trimming shrubs
    • snow shoveling
    • changing storm windows
    • washing windows
    • cleaning gutters
    • garden work
    • yard work
  • Home Maintenance
    • caulking
    • weather-stripping
    • window and screen repair
    • painting
    • minor plumbing repairs
    • minor electrical repair
    • minor carpentry repair
    • installing grab bars and handrails
    • miscellaneous repairs
    • assessment of repairs needed
  • Household Chores
    • routine cleaning
    • routine vacuuming
    • laundry
    • refrigerator cleaning
    • stove cleaning
    • wall washing
    • special cleaning projects