Food Resources & Sustainability Hub

Amelia Sarris (@AmeliaSarris): "3 tips to do your part in food  sustainability: Eat your fruits & veggies! Use a compost bin. Eat food that  won't hurt the environment OR you. #DC21 #foodsustainability #This hub provides initiatives that create sustainable models that address food insecurity in our community. Stay tuned for more information as initiatives are developed.

Trust, Inc is excited about new opportunities to partner together in the coming year to expand community with the community.   In 2022 we are reaching out to meet the needs of our community with transportation services to grocery stores and food banks to help our client base.  In May of 2022, we are excited for the start of our Sunday Night Community Dining option at Diamond Lake Lutheran Church in south Minneapolis as part of the “seed the need” giving campaign through TRUST Inc.

FREE SUMMER SUNDAY SUPPERS:      June 26, July 24 and August 28                  at Diamond Lake Lutheran Church at 5760 Portland Avenue South – Minneapolis MN  5:00 – 6:00 p.m. Call for details or to volunteer 612-827-6159  Served outdoors overlooking the beauty of Diamond Lake!

For more information, idea sharing questions or to volunteer for our initiatives,  please contact Mary Beth Weibel, Executive Director at 612.827.6159 or via email at

A variety of choices in nourishment

A meal shared is better together!

Grocery store and food bank transportation options

Community meals support relationship building